This is OHMYGOSSIP COUTURE' s clothing and accessories e-commerce shop. Keeping our fingers on the pulse of fashion, the new online Beta-site allows customers to shop our must-have trends and most demanded offers via the internet. The company’s philosophy has always been to create “a positive place for girls” by reporting the latest trends, sourcing the newest clothing lines and styling outfits that take celebrity fashion trends from the red carpet to your personal closet.

OHMYGOSSIP COUTURE - Celebrity style for beautiful people!
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Helena-Reet Ennet
"Ohmygossip Couture" brand developer & designer


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1. OHMYGOSSIP News & entertainment - online magazine,


2. OHMYGOSSIP COUTURE – Fashion & accsessories
OHMYGOSSIP COUTURE: Celebrity style for beautiful people!
Created and designed by: Helena-Reet Ennet

The founder of Ohmygossip Couture (Helena-Reet Ennet) has slowly introduced new merchandise lineup. In 2008, she came up with "Ohmygossip Couture" glamourous juicy hoodies - popular Scoop-Neck Tank "Classic" pieces. In 2009, Ohmygossip Couture added collections for children and babies, as well as a variety of accessories.

All of the Ohmygossip Couture items are manufactured with the company signature logo, except art paint, which comes without logo.

Ohmygossip Couture collaborates and partners with many companies, thus some of the exclusive pieces might require a waiting list. Helena-Reet Ennet plans to design sport-wear as well as male line for Ohmygossip Couture.

Ohmygossip Couture has participated in several Fashion Events worldwide. The line was mostly well received by critics and Helena-Reet Ennet was appreciated for taking fashion seriously even though she is a celebrity, author and entertainmet journalist.

The brand is sold in numerous online stores and some famous boutiques worldwide and is worn by many celebrities. First tops were sold in Latin-America. The brand's designs have appeared in various fashion and entertainment magazines.

The headquarters of "Ohmygossip Couture" are located in Tallinn, Estonia.


3. OHMYGOSSIP MODELS – Casting Talents & Models

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